‘Risky Things’ Theatre and Film: Blue Moment – 45 minute film drama

Refugee Support- do you need:

  • Training material for new volunteers & staff
  • Ways to help local people engage with refugees

Kate Hampson as therapist Carole with Misha Duncan Barry as refugee Alia

Blue Moment – 45 minute film drama
A refugee seeks asylum in Britain today.

Free community-relations resource funded by Big Lottery and sponsorships, made by Risky Things theatre and film company (www.riskythings.co.uk), is available here: http://www.riskythings.co.uk/work-sectors/refugees/ where training notes to aid discussion are provided with online links to other support websites.

This film of resilience and solidarity uncovers the mystery of a young woman from Africa who has arrived in Britain after being persecuted in her own country. Alongside her story are the perspectives of the therapist who helps her overcome her torture-trauma, and a local bus-driver who supports her while she is vulnerable to suspicion, and racist abuse as she is moves through the challenging asylum process.

Blue Moment was devised in collaboration with the Refugee Therapy Centre in London, and developed in consultation with refugee-support groups in the north of England, including Refugee Action in York and Solace in Leeds.

Contact – details from director/producer Cathy Denford : cathy@riskythings.co.uk, (phone 01904 643844, mobile 07870 739975). Live facilitation available.

Distribution : free on the internet or at cost on DVD .

Misha Duncan Barry plays Alia Akenzua in Blue Moment