Sanctuary in Parliament: 29 November 2016

Date: 29 Nov 2016       Time: 12:00 – 15:30

Venue: Committee Room 14 Westminster, London SW1A 0AA

Bookings are now open for the third Sanctuary in Parliament event which will be in Committee Room 14, Westminster on Tuesday 29th November from 12 to 15.30.  Arrival from 11.30. Our overarching theme is “Standing up for the Right to Asylum” and  we will cover Safe and Legal routes, A fair and just asylum system and Integration.

Committee Room 13 will also be available for constituents to meet with their MPs between 12.30 and 14.30.

We are relying  on supporters across our network and partners to write to their MP and urge them to attend.

We have made available a sample template letter  to invite your MP  to help you with this and we encourage you to adapt it to suit. This is an opportunity to engage with your MP even if you cannot attend, by promoting this as an educational opportunity for them to develop their understanding and learn directly from refugees. You will then be able to follow this up with them afterwards.  We also encourage invitations to peers from the House of Lords. Find your MP here.

To book your place please email with your name and your organisation and constituency. We will accept bookings from across the UK and our partners in and beyond the sanctuary alliance, but we will try to manage these to ensure a fair distribution of places both geographically and from across the sector. Please book early to avoid disappointment as places are limited. Contact us through if you require further information.

Please let us know if you are a refugee and/or if you need help with your transport and we will look at all applications for help with travel  Travel expenses are not guaranteed for everyone and will depend on meeting the criteria as stated in the Travel expenses Application form and guidance to the Travel Bursary Fund.

Please promote this event and the need for everyone to invite their MPs via your networks and social media. The hashtag is #SanctuaryinParliament.