Send in letters about RMJ in support of fair legal representation

I am sure many of you have heard that Refugee and Migrant Justice have gone into administration as a result of the new legal aid payment system.

As co-ordinators of End Child Detention Now, we think that whatever the outcome of the current review into child detention, it will mean very little to asylum seeking children and their families if they are denied access to legal representation and a fair outcome to their asylum application.  We are working to publicise as widely as possible, the impact the collapse of RMJ will have on asylum seekers, refugees and migrants across the country.

We have contacted charities working with refugees and asylum seekers and other law organisations to ask for quotes we can use in this work but it would be great if any members of this group – who have been represented by RMJ, have a friend or family member who has been represented by RMJ or who has worked for the organisation could give us a quote they would be happy for us to use in our publicity (we can do this anonymously if you would like, please just let us know).

If you would be happy to give a quote telling us very briefly how RMJ helped you and what difference did they make to your case

With many many thanks,
End Child Detention Now

If you wish to discuss this further please telephone Kathleen Commons on 0787 216 1271.