Suggested letter to send to your MP about indefinite detention

House of Commons


Re: End indefinite detention of people in immigration removal centres

I am writing to call for the end to the indefinite detention of people who
are in immigration removal centres across the UK.

Detention Action believes that the Home Office practice of indefinitely
detaining people who cannot be returned to their country of origin is a
waste of money and human lives. I encourage you to read Detention Action’s
report No Return, No Release, No Reason and the previous report Detained
Lives: The real cost of indefinite detention. These reports highlight that
indefinite detention simply does not work: as a means of deporting people,
it is ineffective and grossly inefficient, costing £68,000 per detainee per
year. The testimony of detainees shows the terrible human cost, with many
experiencing mental health problems, self-harming or attempting suicide.

The UK government derogates from the EU Returns Directive which sets an 18
month maximum time limit for immigration detention. Detained Lives calls on
the government to end this inhumane and ineffective practice.

I would like to ask you to urge the Home Affairs Committee and the Joint
Committee of Human Rights to investigate the detention system.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely