Support Mary Adenugba Camapign

Manchester and Warrington Quaker Social Justice Group ask you to support Mary Adenugba Camapign to remain in the UK in Manchester amongst her friends.
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You are invited to attend a vigil on the steps of  the Friends Meeting House 6 Mount St Manchester M2 5NS  on 20th April at 11.30 – 12.30 in support of Mary and to bring awareness of the human rights abuses trafficking causes including kidnap and slavery. 
Complete with your name and address and return to Rapar 6 Mount St Manchester M2 5NS or email it to  the support Mary letter
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Mary was trafficked from Nigeria hoping for a better life in the UK.  yet, immediately upon her arrival, set to work as a prostitute in London and then Manchester by her traffickers.  Mary’s journey and escape from slavery is documented on the RAPAR Manchester website. 
The Poppy Project verified Mary’s story and accepted as true by the UK Border Agency Special Unit on Trafficking yet in January 2012 was refused permission for her to stay.  Mary’s appeal is on the 10th May 2013 in Manchester
• Mary is a victim of trafficking, not a criminal.
• She has a well-founded fear that if returned to Nigeria she will be targeted again by the traffickers.
• Her experience in this country, of enslavement and forced prostitution, has left her extremely vulnerable and with significant mental health problems.
• She has been in the UK for seven years now. This is her home and she has many friends here. Removing her from this support will have a detrimental effect on her stability and mental health.
• She has no contact with her family in Nigeria, who victimised her for becoming a Christian.
• The EU protocol on trafficking strongly states that trafficked people ought always to be considered victims, and are in need of considerable support. If Mary is returned to Nigeria she will not receive this support.

To whom it may concern.

Re:      Aminet Mary Adenugba d.o.b. 20th November 1970 Nigeria

Also known as Rosaline Sola Akinbolaji d.o.b. 20th November 1977

Home office Reference Number A1354068/

I am writing this letter of support for Aminet Mary Adenugba because I think she should be allowed to remain in the UK. Mary’s asylum claim was originally refused in January 2012 and again in November 2012 after the UKBA had agreed to look at it again. Her appeal against this decision will be held at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal in Manchester on May 10th.

When I heard about what had happened to Mary I was struck by the injustice of her situation and I am urging you to grant her asylum in the UK.

Mary is an innocent victim not a criminal. She was exploited by the traffickers into coming to this country and once here was enslaved and forced to work as a prostitute. Her story has been verified by the Poppy Project and accepted as true by the UKBA special unit on trafficking. The experience has left her very vulnerable and with serious mental health problems.

The British Government has signed up to the EU protocol on trafficking which says that trafficked people should be treated as victims and given support. This support can only be achieved here in the UK where she is safe and where she has friends to help her and very importantly where she can get the vital medical help she needs.

She is terrified of being sent back to Nigeria where she fears being targeted again by the traffickers and also of being further abused by her father for converting to Christianity.

Mary is a good citizen, she is making a valuable contribution to this country, helping others where she can and taking an active part in the life of the community through her church and voluntary groups. She has been proactive in cooperating with the police about the trafficking.

Mary is an innocent victim of trafficking.  She has been seriously damaged by  this horrible crime but with the help of her many friends she is slowly overcoming this personal tragedy. Britain is her home and her only source of support and security. Please let her stay.

Yours faithfully.




Mary Adenugba – YouTube

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Mar 17, 2013 – Uploaded by Mark Krantz: My name is Aminet Mary Adenugba and I am a victim of human trafficking.  Please support Mary’s campaign