Teenage refugee killed in lorry crash while attempting to reach family in UK

Guardian: Mohammed Hussain, 18, becomes first casualty of crisis in Britain this year while fleeing Dunkirk camp en route to Manchester

A Kurdish teenager has died underneath a lorry in Oxfordshire, the first refugee to be killed on British soil this year, prompting fresh criticism of the government’s asylum policy for people arriving in Europe.

Mohammed Hussain, 18, was clinging to the underside of a lorry when the vehicle crashed at around 6pm on Friday night. The teenager appears to have had a legitimate claim for entry to the UK.


and a young British women in Durnkirk wrote:

First day back in the camp. I forget how crazy things are here. This afternoon we were asked to attend a Kurdish mourning service for a 17 year old boy from the camp who died yesterday falling off the axle of a lorry.
He got into the UK but was too tired and cold to hold on any longer. Spent some time working out what is what in the new camp. We then took all of the products donated by Lush to women, they were gone in a flash. Really amazing to see children out playing and riding around on bikes, a father was giving his daughter her first bike riding lesson. Caught up with lots of volunteer friends, lost my mums car keys, found them again after a mini heart attack. Tried speaking Kurdish using my phrase book- failed miserably. Hugely frustrating that governments are denying people their dignity. So many pregnant women are here.