The Second Reading of the Immigration Bill

parliament_logoThe Second Reading of the Immigration Bill will take place on Tuesday 13 October.  Organisations and individuals can write to MPs now and ask them to raise concerns about measures in the Bill when it is debated at Second Reading.  The Regional Asylum Activism project have provided a draft e-mail and an outline briefing focussing on the support cuts which individuals can send to MPs (both of which are attached as files). The Immigration Act 2015 – RAA Briefing – FINAL

Subject: Immigration Bill 2015 briefing and call to attend Second Reading debate – Tuesday 13th October

Dear …

On 17 September 2015, the government published the Immigration Bill 2015. It will be debated at Second Reading on Tuesday 13 October.  The Bill proposes changes to asylum support which will result in children and their parents being left without access to food or a roof over their heads, let alone medicines, clothes or books. With no permission to work and no access to public funds, these families will have to rely on any adhoc support they can find from Local Authorities, food banks, charities and faith-based groups, and many will be forced to live on the streets.

The measures are aimed at refused asylum seekers.  However there is significant evidence, including from the Home Office itself, showing that the proposed measures will not discourage people from seeking asylum in the UK, nor will they increase the number who elect to leave the country. They will, however, contravene our duties under, among other things, the Children’s Act 1989 by forcing children and vulnerable adults into life-threatening destitution. It is clear that already stretched Local Authorities will also be left to pick up the pieces.

Research has already shown that destitution has incredibly damaging effects on the physical and psychological health of people seeking asylum. It places individuals at risk of exploitation and can force them to use survival strategies such as illegal working and prostitution.

I attach a short briefing about the Immigration Bill and would be grateful if you would raise the concerns outlined in the briefing when the Bill is debated at Second Reading on Tuesday 13 October. If you cannot do this, please contact the Immigration Minister to make him aware of your opposition to these proposals. I would be grateful if you would keep me informed of any action you take on this matter.

Kind Regards,

[Include your name and address so your MP can verify you are one of their constituents].

Still Human’s Second Reading briefing for MPs is below.  This looks exclusively at the impact of Clause 34 and the proposal to cut off support to asylum seeking families.  Individuals and organisations can send this direct to MPs they are contacting or use any part they find useful for their own briefing materials. 2015 Sept 29 Second Reading Briefing
Here is a briefing from ILPA giving an overview of some of the other key measures in the Bill: ILPA breifing Immigration-Bill-2015-updated
Many thanks to Still Human Still Here: