The UK is making Family Reunions almost impossible

Dear friends of a diverse and culturally rich Britain ,

The Government  has long  trumpeted  its intent to reduce immigration figures…..hoping to please a public fearful of economic  recession…..

So the Home Secretary Theresa May made a statement  to Parliament on  13/06/2012, setting out new Regulations on  blocking  family reunion for anyone from both Europe and worldwide.

The Churches Refugee Network, together with Diaspora Citizens, ( the migrant/refugee section of Citizens-UK)  is shocked by these measures, and asks  you  to sign its’ petition to Protect the Right to Family Life. You will find it here:

Please also   write what you think  to your MP   as soon as possible BEFORE  the 9th July. That is the date these draconian measures will come into force.

This policy change ¬†ignored strong expert warnings on the human ‚Äď and worse, the longer term economic and community cost to Britain .

There was sparse consultation, quite ineffectual;, and the changes were ‚Äėsprung‚Äô without ¬†warning‚Ķ..Very many families are trapped by them.

And because it is being done  by secondary legislation, Parliament will not be asked its’ opinions.

Here is what you need to know: First, the text of Mrs.May’s Parliamentary Statement. …(It is LONG!)

Then  three  short briefings that  summarizing the effects on Britain by 3 groups, working in research, in  legal practice and in  church-community building:

1) The Migrant Research Network, spells out minimum sponsorship income , unattainable for most migrant workers (£18.600) and the extending of the qualificatory  settlement period from 2 to 5 years: These are measures which punish the poor, and  create cruelly prolonged family  separation or breakdown.

2) The  Free movement blog, with punchy barrister’s comment  quoting the  relevant case law.

3) The Advocacy team of the Churches Refugee Network, expressing the views of its‚Äô ‘Steering Committee.

Mrs. May and the government think these new Regulations are ‚Äėcompatible with Art.8/ ECHR -the Right to Private/ Family life‚Äô .They also warned the Judiciary to heed the views of ‚Äėdecision makers‚Äô‚Ķ. That, in our view, is an unacceptable attempt to manipulate judicial independence.Already, the press is doing the same‚Ķ

Most legal and welfare practitioners  disagree and are appalled…… and our fellow Diaspora citizens  about to be on the receiving end are frightened….

(NB ¬†Migration¬† inflow last year was approximately 250.000‚Ķ..that is¬†not one iota¬†less than previous years, yet we see ‚Ķ‚Ķ Academic experts agree that global migration flows are not likely to reduce using ¬†such new stringent increases in entry controls using ¬†‚Äėnation state fortress‚Äô legislation, and they have a great deal to say on the economic and social stimulus value to Britain of new migrant groups‚Ķ)

I hope you will take part. And let us know any answers you receive…..

Yours sincerely

Puck de Raadt

Churches Refugee Network