Wake Up Call report

42 organisations have co-published Wake Up Call – a new report that sets out the chronic failings in the introduction of the new asylum support and accommodation contracts; and the severe consequences for people seeking asylum.

The report draws on collective evidence submitted to the National Audit Office (NAO) investigation into the contracts, the findings of which are also published  and are covered in media outlets including The Independent.

The Home Office must, as a matter of urgency:
Ensure Covid-19 transition measures prioritise the wellbeing and
safety of people seeking asylum and are carried out in collaboration
with all relevant stakeholders.
Engage collaboratively with people with direct experience of the asylum process,
and voluntary and community sector partners to improve the current system.
Meet its own policy obligations, particularly ensuring that no one is made destitute
or homeless who is entitled to support.
Commit to the regular publication of detailed performance management information
on both the AASC and AIRE contracts.
Share transition plans for the new prepaid cards contract with relevant stakeholders,
including people in the asylum system and the voluntary sector.