What can I do – update

1 February 2016: Gov.uk: Syrian refugees: what you can do to help 

The refugees coming under the Vulerable Persons Scheme will have 5 years Leave to Remain in UK, and so will have a home, entitlement to work, and to claim benefits and allowances, but they will probably really appreciate a smiling face and open heart, a cup of tea, help to find their way around, and quiet time to recover from their experiences.

There are a lot of people in the asylum system already:
And many who are languishing in immigration removal centres or who are living rough because they have been refused asylum but do not feel able to go home. These people very much need our help too as above, but also with food and somewhere to go.
They are going to be adversely affected by the system they are in, and this will become harder if the Immigration Bill goes through as it currently reads.
Please keep an eye on the website for articles that interest you – QARN seeks change in the system. There are issues, campaigns, letters to MPs to write, lobbying, and other practical ways you can get involved on your doorstep.
  • Google for organisations on your doorstep
  • Support City of Sanctuary
  • Calais and the other camps were initially swamped with equipment that could not be used.  There are now a lot of organised groups actively involved with helping to build shelters,  taking clothes etc., giving clown shows,  doing artwork with the children, taking put dignity packs of pants and sanitary protection for the women.  You are most useful if you are working through these existing groups.