QARN and Destitution

Destitution is created by inequalities, inadequacies and deliberate policy within the asylum system in UK. We will work with this as a core issue, alongside Children in Detention, and Indefinite Detention.

Anxious wait after Evenia is taken to Heathrow

October 25, 2013Family and friends were waiting anxiously last night to find out if Evenia Mawongera had been put on a deportation flight to Zimbabwe.

After months of campaigning to persuade Home Secretary Teresa May to allow her to stay, she was due to board an Ethiopia Airlines flight from Heathrow at 9pm.

Ms Mawongera, 55, who has made Leicester her home and has children and grandchildren here, has been an outspoken critic of the Mugabe regime and fears for her life if she goes back in Zimbabwe. Continue reading “Anxious wait after Evenia is taken to Heathrow”