Medical Information – Brook House

The Home Office have recently started contacting asylum seekers and asking them to sign a consent form that would give the Home Office access to their personal medical records.¬†The form and accompanying letter asks for the individual asylum seeker to sign and give consent for their doctor to disclose details of the individual‚Äôs (and their dependants‚Äô) medical history to the Home Office. Any information obtained may then be used to inform decisions taken on an individual‚Äôs case, including how to progress removal from the UK if an application for asylum is unsuccessful. The accompanying letter to the form does not make clear that giving consent is optional and we are concerned that asylum-seekers will feel obliged to share this information. Asylum Matters and DOTW have produced a document advising what asylum-seekers should do if they receive the letter Continue reading “Medical Information – Brook House”

Guardian: We are locking up people indefinitely. This inhumane practice needs to end


We are the only country in Europe to hold migrants in detention centres with no time limit ‚Äď some of them for years. We can‚Äôt let the government off the hook.

Behind¬†today‚Äôs headlines about net migration figures¬†lurk statistics on those hidden within the UK‚Äôs immigration detention estate. We can‚Äôt let the government off the hook for failing to reduce our use of detention. With Brexit on the horizon our immigration system must be fit for purpose, now more than ever. Continue reading “Guardian: We are locking up people indefinitely. This inhumane practice needs to end”

Sept 2017: Panorama programme re Brook House- letter to the press

A general briefing¬† from the Detention Forum regarding the very shocking Panorama programme¬†on 4.9.2017¬†which revealed a high level of abuse at Brook House Immigration Removal¬†Centre at Gatwick Airport., and you may also find this¬†helpful¬† ¬† Continue reading “Sept 2017: Panorama programme re Brook House- letter to the press”

Costing Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children July 2017

5. Conclusions:

5.1 This research clearly demonstrates a significant gap in UASC funding. The results of the financial analysis above give an average cost to local authorities supporting UASC in their care as ¬£55,194 per UASC per annum. By comparison with the weighted average Home Office reimbursement per UASC per annum of ¬£30,231, a current funding shortfall to East Midlands local authorities of ¬£24,963 per UASC per annum can be identified. In other words, present Home Office funding levels cover just over half (54.8%) of the costs incurred by local authorities in support of the current UASC cohort. Continue reading “Costing Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking Children July 2017”