Crazy world: Destitution and Clearsprings owner is richest man

19 May 2024: Boaz Trust and Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit: People in Greater Manchester are spending years, even decades, in destitution – New report on destitution in Greater Manchester

A new joint report by the Boaz Trust and Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) has found that people in the city-region are forced into destitution for years, sometimes decades, as a result of their immigration status. One woman interviewed spent 16 years in immigration limbo.

The report, based on in-depth interviews with Greater Manchester residents, finds destitution is being used as a form of racialised violence, embedded within immigration law, which damages people’s physical and mental health, pushing some people towards self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

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‘Safety of Rwanda’ Bill

Following the passing of the ‘safety of Rwanda’ Bill … and no ICIBI to oversee what is happening!

13 May 2024: Irish Times: UK Rwanda deportation law provisions should not apply in Northern Ireland, judge rules

High Court finds measures in UK government’s legislation undermine human rights protections guaranteed under post-Brexit arrangements

Mr Justice Humphreys delivered judgment at Belfast High Court on Monday in two challenges against the Act that focused on the peace process human rights protections guaranteed by the Windsor Framework.

The judge found that several elements of the Act do cause a “significant” diminution of the rights enjoyed by asylum seekers residing in Northern Ireland under the terms of the Belfast Agreement.

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Rwanda – involvement in Congo DRC

7 May 2024: We are hearing a lot about Rwanda in the news – mainly about whether it is a safe place to send asylum seekers. However, another aspect of Rwanda gets little attention – its involvement in Congo (DRC).

In Eastern Congo, bordering on Rwanda, in the provinces of Ituri and North and South Kivu, are lands rich in minerals, and armed militia terrorise the local population, killing men, women and children and driving them from their homes, so that they can mine illegally and steal the minerals in which the DRC is so rich. The armed group causing most concern at present is M23, which controls substantial amounts of territory in East Congo. It is backed by Rwanda, and exports minerals to Rwanda, where they are often re-labelled as having been sourced in Rwanda, which is not rich in minerals. The government of the DRC is currently threatening legal action against Apple for using minerals that are illegally sourced in this way.

Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, denies that Rwanda is supporting M23. However, he is alone in this – the United Nations and the United States call on Rwanda to stop its support for M23. But the sincerity of these calls can be questioned, as they are not accompanied by any pressure. In particular, Rwanda receives massive amounts of foreign aid, which form a high proportion of its national income. Unless countries are willing to cut off aid until Rwanda ceases its murderous activities in DRC, little will change.

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