Migration is a fact of life and a ‘force for good’

UN: Migration is a fact of life and a ‘force for good’

Migration is a “fact of life” and a “force for good”, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday, calling for safer options for the millions seeking opportunities to improve their lives in the face of danger and despair.

In a message marking International Migrants Day, the UN chief emphasized that migration promotes the exchange of knowledge and contributes to economic growth, but at the same time, “poorly governed migration is a cause of great suffering.”

“It forces people into the cruel realm of traffickers, where they face exploitation, abuse, and even death. It undermines trust in governance and institutions, inflames social tensions, and corrodes our common humanity,” he added.

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We utterly dissociate ourselves from the Rwanda Bill

7 December 2023: QARN: We utterly dissociate ourselves from the Rwanda Bill

Asylum Seekers come to our country because they believe they will receive the protection of a regime which upholds democracy freedoms and human rights. We deeply deplore the fact that our country proposes to disapply these freedoms and these rights from those our Christian faith and practice most calls on us to support and cherish. As has been said, “refugees are human rights made visible”; they have “the right to have rights”. We believe that human rights are defined as universal, inalienable, indivisible and Interdependent; withholding them from anybody is an attack on everybody. 

For this reason alone we utterly dissociate ourselves from the Rwanda Bill. But the survival of our democracy depends not only on respect for all human beings but also on respect for the constitutional separation of powers. It is alarming to see that our executive now proposes to defy the Rule of Law both nationally and internationally in order to place narrow nationalistic loyalties above the things that bind us together in our Global Village . 

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Migrants organise to beat ‘hostile environment’

East Anglia Bylines: Migrants organise to beat ‘hostile environment’

The ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy has empowered one woman to volunteer for 15 years to promote justice and foster inclusion

I’ve been involved with a number of charities and grassroots community groups since 2009 – all of them working to soften the impact of the ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy. And to put a fairer system in place.

I’m also working for initiatives to educate asylum seekers on their human rights and provide them the platform to speak out. With women’s groups in particular, this is about creating communities where compassion, respect, inclusion and empowerment will enable women to reach their potential and have a say in what happens to them.

Supporting asylum seekers means amplifying their voices and campaigning on the issues that affect people seeking protection. We all work in solidarity to end the hostile environment. It is important to help asylum seekers to access advice and support, and develop their skills and confidence.

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