Call for fairness not fares in our asylum system

Refugee ActionA new Home Office rule could force asylum seekers to travel to Liverpool if they want to submit new evidence for their case. What’s more, there won’t be any help for those who can’t afford the journey.  Sign our petition to fight this.

What’s changed?

At Refugee Action, we work with people who’ve experienced the very worst of the asylum system. Many are exploited by inadequate legal advisors. They are disbelieved by the Home Office. And they are left destitute and homeless, even when they’ve later been found to have a genuine need for protection.

In a system that’s so tough to navigate, the right to make a fresh claim – to present new evidence that will help your case, which you might not have originally had or known was relevant – is vital to ensuring people’s safety. But for many people seeking protection, that right is about to be taken away.
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