UK: Ill-trained, dangerous and unaccountable

Amnesty calls for complete overhaul of enforced removals by private security companies: Amnesty International: 07 July 2011

The UK Government must conduct a complete and radical overhaul of the current system of enforced removals from the UK, according to a new briefing and campaign launched today (7 July) by Amnesty International UK.

Private security companies, contracted by the UK Government, have reportedly used dangerous and improper control and restraint techniques. In the 2010 case of Jimmy Mubenga at least, these appear to have resulted in someone’s death. One such technique was nick-named by contractors “Carpet Karaoke”, as it involved forcing an individual’s face down towards the carpet with such force that they were only able to scream inarticulately ‘like a bad karaoke singer’. It involves the seated detainee being handcuffed, with a tight seatbelt through the cuffs and their head pushed down between their legs. There is a serious risk of death by positional asphyxia when this technique is used. Continue reading “UK: Ill-trained, dangerous and unaccountable”

Barnardo’s; 5 year old child frisked; Jimmy Mubenga’s death

Barnardo’s will pull out of a deal to run services at the government’s pre-departure accommodation (PDA) centre for failed asylum seekers if children and families are not treated properly, the charity’s chief has said. Continue reading “Barnardo’s; 5 year old child frisked; Jimmy Mubenga’s death”