The Immigration Bill will be in the House of Lords for the Report Stage on 9 March.

The final day of Committee took place on 9 February and included discussion of the Lord Dubs amendment for the resettlement of 3,000 unaccompanied refugee children (which was supported by the Labour frontbench). The full debate is available at:

The Bill with all the Lords amendments added is here:

The Bill as it was before is here:

The entirely new parts are all these below:

Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority

8 Renaming of Gangmasters Licensing Authority

9 Functions in relation to labour market

10 PACE powers in England and Wales for labour abuse prevention officers

11 Relationship with other agencies: requests for assistance

Labour market enforcement undertakings

12 Power to request LME undertaking

13 Measures in LME undertakings

14 Duration

15 Further provision about giving notice under section 12

Labour market enforcement orders

16 Power to make LME order on application

17 Applications

18 Power to make LME order on conviction

19 Measures in LME orders

20 Further provision about LME orders

21 Variation and discharge

22 Appeals

LME undertakings and orders: supplementary

23 Code of practice

24 Investigative functions

25 Offence

26 Offences by bodies corporate

27 Application to unincorporated associations

28 Application to partnerships

Supplementary provision

29 Consequential and related amendments

30 Regulations under Chapter 1

31 Interpretation of Chapter 1

Powers of immigration officers etc

55 Powers to take fingerprints etc. from dependants

Schedule 1 — Functions in relation to labour market

Schedule 2 — Consequential and related amendments

At Report Stage we can see which of those remain in the Bill and which are taken out. It seems unlikely that they would all go through to the Commons.