Home Office has been ‘egregious and cynical’ on question of child asylum seekers

COMMENT Home Office has been ‘egregious and cynical’ on question of child asylum seekers, says UK academic by Dr Liza Schuster 

Dr Liza Schuster, a sociology academic at City University currently working in Afghanistan

According to work by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism published today, more than 600 former unaccompanied asylum seeking children have been sent back to Afghanistan since 2009 – their claims and appeals rejected.


From the refusal letters it is incontrovertible that the asylum process in the UK is designed not to identify those in need of protection, but to keep to a minimum those granted asylum. If the Home Office was serious about protecting those who meet the criteria of the 1951 Geneva Convention, or who risk serious abuse of their human rights, it would allow the decision-makers time to develop some expertise for a particular country. This would shift the emphasis from disproving claims to discovering whether an individual has a well-founded fear of persecution. And whatever evidence is examined should be done so in good faith and not as means to disproving the claims of a newly arrived unaccompanied minor.

Read the full report here: https://www.thebureauinvestigates.com/2015/07/16/comment-child-asylum-seekers-home-office-egregious-cynical-liza-schuster/

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