JCHR report on violence against women and girls

JCHRThe Joint Committee on Human Rights report on violence against women and girls has been published. The key findings on immigration and asylum are from page 53. Some significant findings include the following (with thanks to Laura):

– women at risk of domestic violence unable to regularise their immigration status are left with the choice of remaining in a violent relationship or being left in destitution;
– screening processes for gender-based asylum claims are inadequate
– the detained fast track has a traumatising effect on asylum seekers who may already be experiencing mental health issues and limits their ability to give a cogent account of their claim;
– there is a ‘culture of disbelief’ which leads to women being less likely than men to receive a correct decision on their asylum claim, although this point is not accepted by the Minister;
– the UK does not have a gender-sensitive interpretation or gender-sensitive reception procedures, e.g. women can be given male interpreters in front of whom they find it difficult to disclose testimonies of sexual violence, and can be housed in mixed accommodation.

The full report is attached, but see also http://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/joint-select/human-rights-committee/news/publication-of-6th-report-190215/