QCEA campaign against anti-migrant hate speech

QCEA’s campaign needs your support!

As you may know, QCEA is currently running a campaign against anti-migrant hate speech on social media in the context of the upcoming European Parliament elections. It’s called #ChooseRespect. We’re trying to build a more civil and positive narrative around people on the move, based on the idea that hate speech has real-world consequences – including at the ballot box.

We’re doing this by addressing commonly-held myths about migration, giving people tips on how to have better conversations, and calling out xenophobia from MEPs and candidates on Twitter. We’ve just launched our main campaign video on Twitter – a short appeal to civility which you can access in EnglishFrench and Dutch.

As expected, the video has generated an unpleasant and occasionally violent response from people who don’t agree with our message of love. We need to respond to this together. If you’re a QCEA supporter who uses Twitter, take five minutes of your time today to help us counter these hateful narratives.

Here’s how.

1. If you haven’t already, follow our campaign on Twitter @chooserespectEU.
2. Like and share our videos – we want to reach as many people as possible.
3. Take a moment to reply to one of the many negative comments. Replies should be constructive and loving.
4. Tweeting about migration? Use our hashtag #ChooseRespect

Don’t have Twitter? It’s easy to sign up and join the effort. But if you don’t feel comfortable joining Twitter for whatever reason, the video is also on the QCEA Facebook page and you can share it among your Facebook friends.

Not on social media at all? Spread the word at your Meeting this weekend – we need as much support as we can get!

As a reminder, the campaign website is www.chooserespect.eu, and our Twitter handle is @chooserespectEU.

Remember: “all that it takes for evil to
flourish is for good people to do nothing.”
Other QCEA news

In April, Quaker House Brussels hosted SEEN, an exhibition of photos taken “by and of women on the run.” The exhibition was the result of a project by Swiss NGO Action for Women, which worked with migrant and refugee women in Greece to help them find their voices through striking portrait photography. You can find a video about the exhibition here.

We’ve just launched a Facebook group called “Friends of QCEA,” designed to allow our supporters to keep in touch in and discuss peace and human rights in a more informal way. If you’re on Facebook you can join by clicking here.

A new issue of Around Europe is coming soon, which we’ll email to you as usual.

Wishing you well, and remember – #ChooseRespect !

Martin Leng
QCEA Communications Coordinator