Reunite Afghan people trapped in Afghanistan with their families in the UK.

Please can you write to your MP to help reunite Afghan people trapped in Afghanistan with their families in the UK.

Here is a sample letter:

Dear * MP

I am writing to you because I am extremely concerned that Afghan families that were torn apart during the evacuation of Kabul remain separated, nearly eighteen months after Operation Pitting.

As my MP, I would like you to show your support for these families that were promised help by the UK Government at the time. Please will you ask the Home Secretary and Prime Minister to honour this country’s commitments to those families?

We all saw how children and parents, husbands and wives, sisters and brothers were separated in the total chaos of the evacuation, as they tried desperately to board flights in the summer of 2021. At the time, the UK Government promised that the people who were airlifted to safety would be resettled with their loved ones – correctly recognising that families belong together. However, nearly a year and a half on, families are still separated because the Home Office has not yet put in place a process for their reunification under the Afghan Citizen Resettlement Scheme.

Evacuees are trying very hard in Knaresborough and across the UK to rebuild their lives but they are very concerned about the family that they left behind in Afghanistan. Many of their loved ones are currently living in constant fear for their lives under the Taliban, with no way to safely reach the UK.

Afghan families cannot and should not have to wait any longer. They need a quick and effective route to family reunion now so that they can be reunited and can hug and hold each other again. The Government helped families reunite quickly and effectively with the Ukraine Family Scheme. Just as the Government rightly responded to help Ukrainian families, they must act with the same urgency to bring Afghan families to safety.

Please help these families who so desperately need the UK’s support.

Yours sincerely,

[Name, address]