Sample letter: Transparency of UK BA decision-making regarding detention

Dear                                                                    MP,

Transparency of UK BA decision-making regarding detention

I am writing, as your constituent, to deplore UK BA’s use of detention in the immigration system of this country. It is, in my view an infringement of the individual’s rights as a human, and ultimately a threat to all our liberties. It is wrong to lock people up with neither a suspicion nor a conviction of a crime, without time limit.

I make the following request:

Every time one of your constituents draws attention to someone    in detention – either themself, or a family member, a friend, a member of a club, church, college – please automatically request that the UK BA gives you the evidence as to why they consider it necessary to detain that person (usually, evidence that they are   likely to abscond, or the existence of imminent travel papers).

The purpose of this is to introduce a measure of transparency as to why each individual is incarcerated.

Through out-of-court and legal compensation settlements worth millions of pounds, the UK BA has admitted they wrongly put people in detention.

I am asking you to further call the UK BA to account.

Yours sincerely,