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Dear All, ¬† I’m just writing with a quick update on the progress of the Save¬†RMJ campaign so far. First of all, many many¬†thanks¬†for you¬†kind support. It really means a lot to everyone here that you have all offered your support. ¬† Media: ¬† RMJ’s plight has been fairly extensively covered in the media, both mainstream, and on blogs. After the initial coverage on Sunday, and in the week,¬†after we released the¬†joint letter that was so¬†kindly signed by so many of you,¬†and¬†which managed to get¬†coverage on the BBC, and Guardian, among many others,¬†we have managed to keep up the momentum. Look out for more in the near future.¬†We’re also starting to get more¬†mentions on twitter: ¬† Mainstream media: ¬† End this inhumane and expensive asylum system
The Guardian New Statesman
One of our marvellous trustees has written a letter to the FT which you can find here.     Blogs:
We’re also getting into a lot of newsletters from both within and without the asylum sector. ¬† Coverage of RMJ from BBC Today, on the possible return of Afghan asylum seeking children, reminded us why RMJ’s work is so important: The “Save Refugee and Migrant Justice” facebook group now has over 1100 members in under a week, showing that people, many of them strangers, care enough to put their names to campaign. If you are on facebook, please join; if you are on twitter, please continue to tweet about RMJ – you can find us at ¬† We have also continued to email MPs and peers, asking for their assistance in helping to save RMJ. ¬† Thank you all so much for your continued support. Please continue to spread the word about RMJ, and why we must be saved. If you have any other ideas about how to raise awareness, please do not hesitate to get in touch. ¬† Many thanks, ¬† Kathleen

Refugee and Migrant Justice ‚Äď lawyers defending human rights.

Delivering quality legal help and campaigning for change: fairer decisions, more humane treatment, wider protection.

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Save Refugee and Migrant Justice
RMJ is facing possible closure because the government is not giving them their payments. Support their campaign so that they can continue their work for the immigrant community! Go to the RMJ website for information, and download the model letter to the Ministry of Justice. Write to Ken Clarke in protest at their closure; they also want to raise awareness of the situation as widely as possible, in as many different sectors as possible. Spread the word. Source: RMJ.  http://www.rmj.

Charities urge government to save Refugee and Migrant Justice http://tinyurl. com/35zt9ny
Archbishop backs Save RMJ campaign:

Why Refugee and Migrant Justice must not be allowed to fail
Daniel Trilling, New Statesman, 03 June 2010
The new administration has already made one positive step on asylum in pledging to end child detention. Its wider attitude to immigration remains unclear, with one half of the coalition having pledged limits and the other having favoured an amnesty for illegal immigrants, prior to the election.

Swift action to help RMJ would indicate how far Cameron’s government is going to live up to its claim to progressive politics – a failure to do so will reveal just how little substance lies behind the “Big Society” window-dressing