Solidarity with Stansted Defendants 5th Nov demo

Last year, 15 people grounded a deportation charter flight for ten hours to prevent it taking off. The individuals responsible for this non-violent direct action have been charged with terrrorism-related offences that could result in life imprisonment.
Join us outside Chelmsford Court to stand in solidarity with the Stansted 15 defendants. Their trial began a month ago and is still ongoing. We will be offering our support to them, and our opposition to Home Office deportations.

We intend the demonstration as a dignified vigil. To support this we ask for no chanting or amplified music to best support the defendants and the cause. Banners and placards are very welcome. 
8:30, MONDAY 5th NOVEMEBER. Please arrive promptly.
Chelmsford Crown Court, 
New Street, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1EL

If attending from London, trains run from Liverpool St Station and take approx 35 mins. There are trains at 07.36, 07.46 and 08.00. The court is 5 mins walk from Chelmsford train station.

Updates on any further transport laid on will be posted on this event page. If you are able to offer transport or organise some from where you live, that would be wonderful – please let us know.


Your solidarity is also welcome all day on Twitter @EDeportations and on FB.

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Secret deportation flights take thousands of people from our communities every year. Parents, friends and neighbours are targeted on the basis of their perceived nationality and snatched to fill a flight that the Home Office has chartered. These flights enforce the structural racism of immigration controls. Violence and abuse from security contractors have been documented on them. Most people would be horrified if they were aware of the nature of this process.

The Stansted action was the first time a deportation flight has been grounded in the UK by people taking action against the immigration system. People who would have been forced onto the flight were able to stay in the UK because of the action, as it gave them time to have their applications heard. People across the UK are standing together to stop the Home Office breaking up families and tearing communities apart.

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A court support rota is available here:
If you’d like to support the defendants by sitting in the public gallery during the trial, you can indicate your intention to do so using the link above.


On October 1st 2018, for 6-8 weeks, 15 people face terror-related charge for grounding a deportation charter flight at Stansted Airport. Donations will support campaign resources during the trial as well as helping the defendants cover the costs associated with moving to Chelmsford for 8 weeks: food, accommodation and living costs (they won’t be able to work/ cover their rent at home during the trial).

The crowd funder has now reached a whopping £6,900 but (unbelievably!) we’re still a long way short of the money we will need to cover the costs associated with moving our defendants, our casework, media, outreach and legal teams to Chelmsford for 8 weeks.

Please donate if you can and help spread the reach of the crowdfunder by sharing it in your networks.


Your support funds ongoing casework with people facing deportation and campaign resources.

Ongoing casework will support people targeted for charter flight to get off the flight, get out of detention ASAP and move closer towards secure status. Casework supports people targeted for deportation by charter flight, helping them to take control of their immigration/asylum cases, access lawyers and independent healthcare, and get released as quickly as possible.