The noise and chaos is deafening

guardian_logoGuardian: ‘The noise and chaos is deafening; humanity is laid bare on the shores of Europe’

Photographer Giles Duley is on the Greek island of Lesbos where every day thousands of refugees are landing, to be told there is nowhere they can stay. He introduces a new series of images documenting the plight of the world’s displaced people

• Cemetery of souls: the refugee crisis on Lesbos – in pictures

survivors, upon landing, shake your hand and say “thank you”, I turn ashamed, for they have nothing to thank us for. If this were ever to be my family seeking safety, I hope the world would treat them better. We can argue about the root causes and possible solutions; we can discuss the difference between refugees, asylum seekers and migrants; we can blame traffickers and smugglers. But the simple truth is that men, women and children are suffering terribly and dying on the coasts of Europe, and for the sake of humanity alone we must help them, not turn our backs.