What does love call you to do?

Quakers questionnaire: You may like to use this document to find out what your Meeting is doing: asylum-questionnaire-oct-2016:

A survey of ** Friends’ and Attenders’ existing and possible future interest and engagement

If there isn’t enough space for your responses, please feel free to expand as necessary, with extra sheets if replying on paper.

Time and Energy:

Whether or not you have already engaged with this issue in the past, do you anticipate that you might have some time and energy to devote to it during the next year or beyond? Please describe.

Would this be a continuation of what you have already been doing or something new?

What skills and aptitudes might you bring? 


What personal interest, experience or engagement with refugee and asylum support issues, whether locally, nationally or in other countries, do you or have you had? Please describe:

  • In the past
  • Currently
  • Please describe the nature of your activity more fully and whether it was/is undertaken individually / in a church or voluntary group / other







Possible Quaker Work Do you see a need for WWESAM Quakers to do this work specifically as Quakers in addition to whatever other work is going on in our area?
If so, do you have an idea of what form it might take and in what way it might differ from the work of existing church or other groups?

Would you be interested in taking part initially in an informal group at AM level to explore the possibilities further?

If the AM were to adopt this as a concern, would you be interested in helping take it further it in the longer term?




Please make any additional points that occur to you.
















Thank you for taking part in this survey.


Please return **



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