When the Best is Not Enough

2013 May Still a TravestyNew report: When the Best is Not Enough (November 2015) Fresh-faced, bright-eyed, optimistic law students walk into the Immigration & Asylum FirstTier Tribunal building at Taylor House. They have been trained by Bail Observation Project volunteers on how BOP works, the reputations of different tribunals, and of good and …notorious … judges. They have heard how some judges operate a fair court and turn out balanced decisions, while others pretty much allow the Home Office Presenting Officer to write their judgments for them. What awaits them, therefore, is a lottery.

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The aim of the Bail Observation Project (BOP) is to scrutinise the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal to publicise its concerns and to propose ways in which it can be improved.

We encourage anyone with an interest in bail for immigration detainees to go to the immigration courts, make observations of bail application hearings, and write up a report. We anticipate campaigners, supporters of detainees, researchers, students, law students will want to take part. Do contact us, stating your interests, and whether you want to work alone or in a group. And do make use of our materials (see Resources and publications). We look forward to hearing from you.

Any reports received will be reviewed by the Bail Observation Project for publication on the website. The Project reserves the right to edit reports (with the author’s agreement) before posting them. Submitted reports will be published on the Resources and publications page.