Deaths in the custody of immigration detention services

G4SChannel 4 : “Left to die in British detention: who was Alois Dvorzac?” – 18/03/14
“Until now we only knew a name: Alois Dvorzac. But who was the man behind the tragedy? … It went on to explain that despite being declared unfit for detention he ended up dying, in handcuffs, while still in detention two weeks later. … “.  Read the article in full and see the news-clip
Channel 4 :”Vaz wants ‘full inquiry’ into detention centre death” – 18/03/14
It is shameful that 84-year-old Alois Dvorzac died in handcuffs at a UK detention centre, and there needs to be a full inquiry, says Keith Vaz MP, chair of the home affairs select committee. See the news clip
CPS : “Death of Jimmy Mubenga – Charging decisions following inquest” – 20/03/14
In accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, the decision now is that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Colin Kaler, Terrence Hughes and Stuart Tribelnig to be prosecuted for manslaughter.  Read the article in full
INQUEST – “CPS to prosecute G4S guards for manslaughter following death of Jimmy Mubenga” – 20/03/14
Deborah Coles, co-director of INQUEST said: “This decision reiterates the importance of legal aid for families to be represented at inquests. It is legal aid that ensured a robust examination of all the evidence, which has ultimately resulted in today’s welcome decision.  The cuts to legal aid mean that cases like this in the future may well not receive this kind of scrutiny.” Read the article in full